Ugh! Disgusting!

After running home for lunch to take out the dog, I decided to get a medium White Hot Chocolate from Dunkin Donuts on the way back. 

And after practically finishing the thing, I chose all too late to look up its nutritional value -- or lack thereof. 

I will NEVER be ordering one of these, or anything else for that matter, from Dunkin Donuts ever again.  So disgusted with myself! 

Check out the calorie count on this bad boy!  It's just over half of what I burn when running!  I'm going to have to run an extra 25 minutes tonight to burn this off alone!!!  Soooo not worth it!


Anonymous said...

That's why I always drink my coffee black.

Kate said...

White chocolate almost entirely consists of cocoa butter. At any rate, I'm sorry that you had to have that moment of regret.

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