I Hate You Mr. Candy Jar

Please excuse my brief moment of insanity to follow:

May I just say, I am SERIOUSLY struggling with the candy jar located at the receptionist's desk right now.  I'm not sure if I should tackle it -- no really, I mean TACKLE it -- or just re-locate my desk three floors up and to the other side of the building for the remainder of the day. 

Either way, all I know is that those mini Snickers bars look miiiigghhhhtttyyy scrumptious!

I think a dark chocolate fix might be the answer to today's temptation.  More on the subject of the very bad, mean, no-good, awful, temptation that is chocolate (and how's it has sabotaged my diets before) later. 



Ted said...
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Ted said...

way to show restraint baby! just put it out of sight and out of mind. supporting you the whole way!

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