Days 50-52 -- Same Old, Same Old

So, other than the fact that I probably could have done laps in the new Olympic-size pool that is 95South in Rhode Island this week, there's not much new on this end.  I called out of work sick on Monday (that hot dog, slice of carrot cake, and ziti combo I so willingly scarfed down on Sunday definitely took its toll on my system) and spent the day watching trash TV (who the hell is Frank the Entertainer, by the way?). 

On Tuesday, my plans to meet up with Kali were thwarted when the Governor of RI declared a state of emergency and urged everyone off the roads by 6 p.m.  No Kali, no gym.  :-\  This rain is really screwing with my weight loss plans this week.  The consistent downpours for the past three days also means that I haven't run outside since Sunday -- something I was hoping to do!  Now that I'm finally in a routine and getting used to running outdoors, I really didn't want to fall out of that habit.

Luckily, the weather forecast for the next few days is looking a bit better.  Helllllloooooo sixties and sunshine :-)  I'll definitely be running outside on the Boulevard tomorrow or Friday. 

I'll be on tomorrow or Friday with another post.  Until then, have fun working out and eating oh-so-healthy!!!

Nicole's Daily Menu
1 mini Thomas 100% whole wheat bagel with peanut butter
Babyel Light Cheese Round
1 Clementine
2 Rice cakes with Babybel French Onion Spreadable Cheese
Turkey on wheat wrap with lettuce, pickles, and lite mayo
Chobani Strawberry Banana Yogurt
Chicken quesadilla with salsa, sour cream, and cheese


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