Days 32-35 -- Holy Weight Loss!

OK -- so my apologies for being MIA on the blog the past few days.  I feel like I go through spurts -- sometimes I'm super dilligent and update every day, and then there are those lapses where I post maybe every two days.  So, sorry fo the delay in sharing!

However, I have some GREAT news!  All week, I've been busting my butt (with the exception of that buffalo chicken wrap and the French fries, of course).  And it's paid off!  All the calorie-counting, the hour-long cardio sessions at the gym -- all lead to this:

My current weight: 246.2!!!!! 
Total weight loss: 4.6 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!

Proof's in the pudding, people!  Hard work does pay off!  Now, if you're wondering what the Hell happened this week (as I did at first, too), well let me explain.  Remember that post earlier this week with alternative snack ideas???? Yea, well I incorporated all of Kali's recommended foods into my diet this week.  I finally listened to her and I think she'll be quite pleased with the result!  I cut back on how much cheese I had been eating, substituted pretzels for Ritz Chips, swapped out my Yoplait Yogurt with Chobani Flavored, and kept sipping soup at lunch.  These little changes had a BIG impact!

As for my workouts... Well, you all left me hanging this week for a challenge (thanks for the lack of ideas, by the way!!!), so I decided to go with a workout challenge.  I've been putting in 2.25-3.0 miles on the treadmill pretty consistently for the past seven or eight months.  And at times, I've struggled with running a half of a mile straight, let alone an entire mile.  More recently, I've been able to conquer that one mile, and even worked up to two.  But with my half-marathon coming up at the end of June, I knew I needed to start increasing my mileage.... and soon!  So, this week I challenged myself to four miles.

Now, I was planning on a combo of running/walking to get to those four miles.  And on Thursday, I did.  I ran 3 miles straight, then walked the last mile.  But on Friday, I don't know what got into my Saucony's, but it was like they literally had wings.  I ran all four miles, without pause.  No stopping for a breather, no jumping off for a tenth of a mile to grab some water, no stopping.  Period.  I don't know what came over me, but it was awesome!!!  It's so exhilirating when you push your body further than you thought it was capable of. 

This little accomplishment not only gave me a huge rush, but it also totally kicked the scale's butt!  A four-pound plus loss this week was just what I needed to re-energize me.  I told Ted on Wednesday that I really wanted to be at 248-something by the end of the week.  Well, I totally blew past that marker!  So this week, I'm really pulling for under 245.  If I can get under 245, then 240 (and better yet, the 230s) doesn't seem so far off. 

It's all about setting little goals for yourself.  Because in the long run, that's what helps you get to your ultimate goal.  So if you've been having difficulty lately and have been focusing too much on the bigger picture, I urge you to take a step back and set a small goal for yourself for this week.  Once you meet that goal, set another.  And before you know it, you'll be well on your way to your ultimate goal.

Anyone else feel like sharing?  Any accomplishments you want to let us in on?  If so, feel free to comment!!!

Nicole's Daily Menu
Multigrain Cheerios with 1% milk
Cheese Stick
Mac 'n Cheese
2 Fig Newtons
Not sure yet...  Our meals have been off today.  I guess waking up at 12:30 does that, huh???


Debbie said...

Great work this week! I plan to incorporate few of your food suggestion this week.

Nicole S said...

Great work!!!! That's an AMAZING weight loss week - I'm psyched for you! As I've told you before, you've totally inspired me as well. I love that each of your entries is filled with a great conclusion - the last one, don't NOT eat the foods you crave, just don't make them the norm - I totally agree! And Sunday's - set little goals and do not stress the big goals just yet! Love it. It's all so true and helpful.

I love reading about your journey. KEEP GOING!!!!!!!!! You know how I feel (you's perfect as is!) but I am so so so happy for you.

Can I recommend a challenge for you? Well since you've inspired me to do my 30 by 30 challenge, I have #1 and #2 as set goals on my list already (lose weight, write book draft!) - I set weekly challenges too - to fill in the 28 w/ rotating accomplishments.

This week - 500 Crunches. That's 100 each day, 4 sets of 25. You might already be doing them. That's my challenge though! That and 30 minutes workout five times this week. Grr... gotta get to that at some point today.

YOU DID THIS TO ME! So for that, I hug you! xoxox

~Nicole S

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