Days 36-39 -- I Suck at Posting This Week

Title says it all, my friends.  And considering my energy levels and how much this week has absolutely kicked my ass, I won't be writing too much tonight.  Expect more later this weekend.

This week in a nutshell:

1. Gym workouts haven't been so consistent (2.25 miles on Sunday, 1.5 on Wednesday, 4.3 tonight, 1.5 planned for tomorrow).
2. Check-in with Kali went well on Wednesday night.  (I dare say she was at a loss for words!  That is, after she reemed me out for my buffalo chicken wrap and French fries "episode" last week).  She was happy to see I had actually listened to her and swapped out my crappier foods for their healthier counterparts.  And she was really happy about my running (and the increase to 4 miles!).  Her goal for me: 244 by 3/30/10.  I told her I'd kill it!
3. Providence St. Pat's 5K coming up this Saturday!  I'll be running, along with a few co-workers and friends, and am aiming to finish somewhere around the 39-40 minute mark.  We'll see how realistic that is when I actually start running the race.  But hey, a girl can dream, right?
4. My goal for the week: 245.00  I don't care if I don't meet my two-pound minimum.  I just want to break through that mini-wall (or jump right over that metaphorical hedge, if you would) and never look back.  Get to 245.0, and there's no stopping me next week, or the week after, or the week after that.

OK, that's it for tonight.  Wish me luck at the 5K!  And please pray that my shin splints remain dormant, like they have the past few weeks!  Keep fighting the good fight!!!

Nicole's Daily Menu
Multigrain Cheerios with 1% milk
Babybel Light Cheese Round
Chobani Raspberry Yogurt
Subway 6-inch turkey on wheat with lettuce, pickles, American cheese, and light mayo
Fresh strawberries, sliced
Brown Pear
Ziti with a ground turkey meat/red sauce
Edy's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream


Anonymous said...

It is hard to gain 8 lbs in 5 days, but I am here to report that this is totally possible while traveling and eating food prepared by someone else (Salt and water retention!!) Within 2 days, this morning, I had shed 6 of these 8 lbs. Net gain 2 lbs. Back to work!!!! Congrats Nicole on your progress. How did you do on the St. Pats run?

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