Days 85-90 -- Am I Skinny Yet???

I'm feeling pretty frustrated lately.  I've been maintaining my foods (ixnay on the crappay) and running my tail off at the gym, and until this evening, haven't been seeing many results.  Granted, I didn't hit the gym as many times as I'd hoped last week (thank you grad school homework, various appointments, and the like) and was faced with a few occasions of eating out this past weekend (a Friday night dinner with my mom and sister followed by a brunch date with my hubby). 

However, I did a mini mid-week weigh-in to see where I was and found myself pleasantly surprised.  244.4!!!  I haven't seen 244 in about a month.  And I know that's nowhere near where I need to be (where I should be three months in to this challenge), but I was happy nonetheless.  But that doesn't mean that I'm not frustrated with the time it's taking to lose this weight.  I really, really, really want to be skinny!  Like now.  Please???  I know this is a journey, but I keep wishing, hoping, that this is some bad dream and soon I'll wake up in my healthy, slimmer, and toned body.  But alas, no such luck yet.  And until I do wake up, I'll keep running, doing some weights, and making sure only good foods are going into my body.  Humph. 

There was, however, one other ego boost this week: I fit back into jeans I haven't even dreamed of wearing for at least two years!  In fact, that lovely pair of blues has been hanging in a closet at my parent's house since the day of my wedding.  But on Friday, I was driving straight from work (in a skirt) to my parents' to meet them for dinner, something that wasn't in my plans for Friday night.  I didn't have clothes to change into, but I knew those jeans were sitting there, waiting for me.  I figured the most I had to lose was realizing how close I was to fitting back into them.  Now, imagine my surprise when they fit!!!  Granted, they definitely fell under the "Standing Room Only" category of jeans, but I didn't care.

For years, I've held onto clothes that no longer fit, telling myself "Well, once I lose some weight, these will fit again."  It's safe to say I've got nearly a decade's worth of jeans stuffed in drawers, garbage bags, and boxes that I'm still waiting to fit into.  But unlike in years past, this time is different.  This time, I know I will fit into them, and someday soon.  And Friday night made me realize that.  For once in my life, I actually lost the weight and was so thankful I had decided to hold onto those jeans!  I can't wait for the day where I can pull out a dusty pair of high school jeans and zip them up, without doing my stretch/dance to get into them :-)  I hope that day is coming soon.

Well, the "no crappy food" challenge continues.  And it's getting a little easier.  I'm really hoping that by the end of this mini challenge, I'll be kissing the scale and seeing the 230s!  So.... here's to hoping and working it off this next week!

Nicole's Daily Menu
Thomas' 100% Whole Wheat Bagel Thin with peanut butter
Chobani Pineapple Yogurt
Salad made of baby spinach, 2 slices of ham, and fat free Italian dressing
Diced Peaches
15 Triscuits with hummus
Kashi Oats & Honey Granola Bar
2 tacos made with ground turkey, lettuce, fat free sour cream, salsa, and cheese
Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich


Nadine said...

told ya you looked skinny ps. the purple shirt looked good as well :)

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