Day 91 -- My Day So Far

I decided to shake up my workout routine (which normally consists of anywhere between a 4 and 8-mile run these days) and try one of the many classes offered at my gym.  When I signed up at Gold's, I was told that theTrek & Tone class would be a good fit for me and my goals (i.e. one half-marathon, coming up!).  But every time I've tried to make that class, I've either been unable to get out of work on time (it starts at 5:45 and I'm not dismissed for the day until 5:30) or there aren't any passes left by the time I get there.  But by some strange twist of fate, this evening, I made it there with time to spare and got myself a pass to the class!

Wow -- that was a little too much rhyming.  OK, back to normal speak.

Well, the class kicked my ass.  We power-walked, jogged, and sprinted at various speeds (from 3.4-6.2mph) and at various inclines (from 1 to 15!!!).  We'd alternate ten minutes on the treadmill with about five minutes off, doing weight/resistance band training.  My black Planet Fitness tee was drenched in sweat after just ten minutes.  And sixty minutes later, when we were cooling down and stretching, I thought my legs would crumble beneath me.  I'm not sure I'll be walking too smoothly tomorrow, but it was definitely worth it!  With the half-marathon just a little over a month away, I need to start training at inclines.  Well, tonight -- mission accomplished.

I'm glad I decided to take the plunge into group workouts.  But man have I been a chicken!  I was actually a little nervous and intimidated (which is saying a lot for someone who doesn't usually get intimidated) and didn't want to look like a complete fool in a class of skinnies.  But the instructor was super cool and the other girls in the class were really supportive.  It was nice to see everyone working out together, but at the same time, everyone was going at their own pace.  I was pretty happy with the class, overall, and I'll definitely be back for more of the hill torture!!!

Well, that's my accomplishment/small victory of the day.  How's everyone else out there doing?

Nicole's Daily Menu
Multigrain Cheerios with 1% milk
Babybel Light Cheese Round
Chobani Pineapple Yogurt
Salad of spinach, cashews (1 serving size=23 pieces), and Fat Free Italian Dressing
15 triscuits with hummus
1 Lindt Truffle :-\  (My sweet tooth got the best of me.)
Kashi Oats & Honey Granola Bar
Ziti with grilled chicken and tomato sauce


Anonymous said...

NIKNAK, Sorry I have not written lately. Just a 411 for you on "the Race", I survived and did it in 36 minutes 45 seconds for a 5K race. I am totally impressed with myself. Hope your training goes well and let Ted know if you want to run the next one with me!
Mr. Anonmyous.

Anonymous said...

No more posts???? How's the dieting/training going?

June said...

How come nothing since May 11th??? Good luck on the race this weekend!

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