Day 73 -- Just Checking In

I don't have much time to write tonight, but I wanted to at least get my menu up here.  Day one of no crappy food was a success!  Let's hope the next 20 days go equally as well :-)

Nicole's Daily Menu
Multigrain Cheerios with 1% milk
Cheese Stick
Strawberry & Banana Chobani Yogurt
Asian Sesame Chicken Salad from Panera, side of bread
Kashi TLC Oats &  Honey Granola Bar
Pork chop with broccoli
Ice Cream


Anonymous said...

How is day 1 of no crappy food a success when you went to panera and had ice cream for dessert? Panera posts their nutritional values of their menu on its website. check it out.

niknak0702 said...

To me -- this day was a success.

I ordered a salad instead of my prior norm broccoli and cheese soup and half a roast beef sandwich on asiago cheese bread. Granted, Kali pointed out to me yesterday that the salad I thought was a good choice packed 600 calories, half my day's intake of sodium, and a whopping 21g of fat. So.... what I thought was a good decision, turned out not to be the best. But it was still an upgrade from what I normally get.

As for the ice cream -- I'm not cutting ice cream out of my diet during this three week challenge. I will continue to limit it, but it won't be completely absent.

So while it may not seem like a success, it was for me. Any time I go out and am able to face down burgers, french fries, unhealthy sandwiches, etc. is a success in my book.

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