Days 53-59 -- Thank You Mother Nature

I realize that I've been a wee bit absent from the blogosphere the past week.  But I haven't exactly been myself, either.  I've been struggling with a few things and needed some time away from my everday routine.

So about once a month my body is invaded by my twin.  Let's just call her Baby Crazy Nicole.  For the past few months, Ted and I have been trying to expand our family of two.  And each month is a total roller coaster ride.  "Am I pregnant?"  "Is it this month?"  It's starting to take its toll on me.  So, pair that lovely disappointment with my monthly dose of extra hormones, and the result is Baby Crazy Nicole. 

Not to mention that, thanks to Mother Nature, I have a nice little window each month where I'm rendered completely incapable of doing anything but finding my way out of bed in the morning, to work, and back home again at night.  I haven't worked out since last Friday (I swear men have it sooo much easier!), I've felt bloated, and have wanted to do nothing more than sit on our chaise in the baggiest sweat pants I own with a nice mug-full of ice cream.  Ladies, I'm sure most of you can relate. 

None of this was helping my already, slightly depressed mood.  I had no energy to workout and continued to watch the scale creep up -- something that can be attributed to both water weight and a serious lack of exercise.  And as the scale continued to climb, I felt more and more depressed. 

But after a good long chat with Kali tonight, I feel a bit better.  Whether I like it or not, Mother Nature will show up once a month (or if I'm lucky, not for the next 9 months after this one!) and that's going to cause a shift in my weight.  Not much I can do about it, except to deal.  And that's something I'm going to have to work on. 

And as for that whole "trying to make a baby" thing -- well, the stress is definitely not helping.  So in all aspects of my life, I need to just chill.  This may seem like a pretty small thing for all of you.  But for control freaks like me, well, that's really not easy at all. 

Either way, my apologies for being MIA.  I should have been posting this week, regardless of what was going on.  Because let's face it -- when I don't post, I lose my accountability partners.  And God knows I need you all for that!!! 

How are the rest of you doing?  Anyone else having a tough week?  Or a really good week?  Or just feel like commenting??? I feel like it's been forever since I've heard from some of you!  Well, keep up the good work.  I hope you're all having a better week than I am!

Nicole's Daily Menu
Multigrain Cheerios with 1% milk
Babybel Light Cheese Round
Chobani Raspberry Yogurt
Campbell's Select Harvest Minestrone Soup
20 Snyder's Mini Pretzels
Diced Peaches
2 Rice Cakes with Babybel French Onion Cheese
Sliced strawberries
1 piece of lasagna
Ice cream :-)


nicole said...

Hang in there! I completely understand the monthly hassle and boys DO have it so much easier! Though I have a theory that they get totally hormonal once a month too! But for most of us, yes, all systems sort of lie dormant for 3 days - including working out, eating non-chocolately good for you foods etc. Keeping away from chocolate during mine is the hardest for me. So i do 100 cal packs and fat or sugar free chocolate puddings, WW ice cream - those seem to help. But my will power vanishes for a couple days. No fun. So anyway - I do relate!

Keep up the great work though and everything will fall into place, I promise.

The OTHER Nicole (the really really cool one)

nicole said...

If you'll recall, I sent you a text asking if you can pull an ovary :)
That's how bad I was last time - a couple weeks ago ;)

Anonymous said...

Went for a Jog in the UK, so far I have not jogged in Germany but have been walking a ton! ;> LATER!

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please rethink pregnancy until you've reached a healthier weight and maintained it for several months...or even a couple years.

I know it's difficult to delay something you want so much (like starting a family), but you might need to reevaluate your goals and make sure that you're prioritizing correctly.

What is most important to you -- not just *right now* but in the long term? Do you want to lose 100 pounds and get to the point where you can maintain a healthy weight/lifestyle? Or do you want to start a family immediately...regardless of the associated risks?

Keep in mind, drastic weight loss is not an option while pregnant. Overweight/obese mothers and their infants are at risk for many life-threatening complications. Your weight will directly impact the health of your child, and it's been proven that even a mother's pre-conception weight can be a negative factor.

This is a very important and personal decision, and I know only you can decide when it's the right time to get pregnant. But I also want you to be healthy enough to enjoy everything that motherhood has to offer.

You're a beautiful, intelligent, ambitious young woman and deserve all the happiness in the world. Best of luck with whatever you decide!

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